TT14 TOTAL Kharir Water Treatment Unit & Inject



The PLANT shall be called Water Treatment Unit and Inject facilities (WTU&IF).

The PLANT comprises, one (1) Water Treatment Unit (WTU) as well as one (1) Central Filtration Unit (CFU) and two (2) Water Injection Pumps:

a)       The WTU comprises,

●Integration of CCU & water treatment facility (Waste water supply line & Fuel gas line from CCU, Oil sludge from WTU to CCU).

 ●Pressure break vessel (Degassing vessel) installed upstream of oil skim tank, with cold        vent to safe location (In any case, CONTRACTOR shall check whether a connection to the existing HP or LP flare vessel is feasible in terms of HP or LP flare vessel & LPflare capacity). 

●Skim Tank with gas blanketing.       

●Flotation transfer tank including gas blanketing. 

●WEMCO Floatation Unit including gas blanketing.    

●Overflow separation tank including gas blanketing 

●Clean Water Tank including gas blanketing. 

●Centrifugaland screw pumps 

●Chemical injection skids. 

●Scale and corrosion monitoring.

●Water Booster pumps. 

●Collection Manifold.

b) Water Injection Facilities (downstream WTU):

●Central Filtration Unit Package.

●Water Injection pumps. 

●Water Injection Manifold with 2 spare connections (8” valves & blind flanges). 

●Pig Launcher with Barred Tee connected.

c) Water Pipelines Network Outside CCU Plant, the following shall be installed:

WI Pipeline from Barred Tee / Pig Launcher of Water Injection Facilities to W2 existing Manifold / Pig Receiver located minimum 1.5 km from CCU Plant with flange connection rated 1500 lbs. CONTRACTOR scope shall include W2 manifold extension with 2 spare connections (8” valve & blind flange) and manifold tie-in shall have minimum or no facility shutdown