YL09 YGC Additional LPG storage Tanks and Loading



Scope of Work:

WORK performed on the Plant and/or within the EXISTING FACILITIES in a live Plant environment, and hence will be performed under Work Permit umbrella In order to cope with the additional LPG produced from the new cryogenic plant and CPU and in order to minimize the impact of LPG truck disruptions, YLNG and YGC have agreed on:

a) Upgrading the LPG Storage facilities to cope with the additional LPG production

b) Installing a buffer storage capacity of 3h to cope with the road tanks stoppage

The new facility will mainly consist of the following;

♦ 2 nos. pressurized under embankment mounded bullets of 520 m3 gross capacity,

♦ 2 nos. (1W + 1 S) LPG loading Centrifugal Pumps,

♦ New Fire water system for the new facilities including FW tank (filled by water coming from dedicated water wells), diesel engine Driven main FW Pump (1 W +1S) and a Jockey Pump,

♦ 1 no. loading bay with 2 loading points,

♦ Odorant Injection Package,

♦ Nitrogen bottle bank for Odorant Package pressurization,

♦ Panel Board Controller Indicator for PCS and Det-Tronics Controller for ESD in New control building  and F&G system in an extension of the existing building on the LPG loading area,

♦ Connection of the 6” LPG line with the existing facilities,

♦ Instrument air system,

♦ Vent and drain system, Installation of  vent stack and piping system

♦ Power supply from CPU-I via cables up to the LPG loading area + transformer. Various tie-ins to EXISTING FACILITIES between CPU and LPG loading facilities