“NO task is so important that

one cannot take time to perform it safely”


Health, Safety & The Environment.

Tanmia, Health,Safety and Environment (HSE) Management system is the backbone of Tanmia successful operation. Health, Safety and Environment performance monitored and regularly reported to Board of Directors of the company.

The HSE Management System Includes;

Mandatory Safety Training and Compliance

Guidelines and Handbooks

Regular Inspections of Facilities and equipment

Safety Meetings with personnel and Clients

Incident and near Miss Reporting

Emergency Response & Crisis Management

Compliance of Satutory Regulations

Environmental Impact Assessments

Effective Project Planning

Effective Project Implementation

Compliance of Safety Standards at Facilities

Waste Management

Energy Conservation

Third Party Environment & Safety Audits

Periodic Mountainous Environmental Monitoring

Tanmia believes that prevention of accidents, ill health and protection of the environment are essential to the efficient operation of its business. Tanmia is committed to high standards of health, safety and environmental protection.

Tanmia rapid success is also due to its record of adhering to the stringent Health, Safety and Environment regulations.



Tanmia committed to being very aggressive in our attitude towards quality and client services, Tanmia want to be ranked as the "best" in their business. Quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.

Tanmia quality objectives are to furnish high quality services,and at any cost to reach our objectives, we maintain a constant focus on quality with full dedication,commitment and team work.

Tanmia has completed variety of quality projects as well as excellent and superior quality services to our clients.

Tanmia will strive to be a progressive organization by continously reviewing our objective to meet new challenges.

Today Tanmia has accumulated many years of quality control experience which has allowed to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, as an accreditation of its Quality Management System, up to world class standards.